Both Colorado and New Mexico were once part of Mexico. The latin culture is still particularly strong in New Mexico, Southern Colorado and Denver. From the festivals, to the cuisine, to the towns with names like Salida, Buena Vista and San Luis, Colorado (spanish for red) still can feel very latino.

Jennifer and I met in the small, former silver mining town of Creede near the headwaters of the Rio Grande. We were there during the Labor Day balloon festival.




Driving upriver, we saw where some of last summer’s wildfires scorched beetle-killed pines below the Rio Grande Reservoir. The vegetation was already starting to come back from the fire. The area above the reservoir was not touched by the fires and remains as beautiful as ever.






In the small town of Corrales, NM we stayed in one of the original adobe homes, built near the historic Church of San Ysidro, less than a mile from the river. Both the church and the house were built around 1868, but destroyed in a massive flood of the Rio Grande that same year. The house and church were rebuilt after the flood with adobe bricks made of clay, straw and sand. The walls are three feet thick, providing stability and insulation against the elements.




While we love our home in Mexico, we love returning to our US base in August and the fall months. To us, it’s one of the finest places in the US.

Hope you enjoy the photos.