We always enjoy visiting Isla Mujeres. It is so different from Cozumel. It is small and cozy, and just seems more tranquil. There are lots of great places to eat and sleep, and several interesting beach clubs along the west side. We were there to shoot an engagement session for a lovely couple from the San Francisco area. That meant it was more work than play, but, oh what a place to work!

First, we would like to acknowledge the warm welcome we received from the owner and concierge at the very cool and stylish Casa de los Sueños, where we shot many of the photos. We are looking forward to going back and checking out the rooms, hanging in the infinity pool and laying around the wooden dock.


We ended up staying in town at Casa el Pio, which was a stone’s throw from the small plaza and the eastern shore. Open the windows and listen to the surf break! The manager, Jill, took great care of us, and even opened up a room for our photo subjects when they arrived with a couple of changes of clothes. Unfortunately for Casa el Pio, Jill is headed to Tulum to manage Posada Yum Kin, which means we now know where we will stay in Tulum.

The shoot was made easier by Maru from Isla Mujeres Trips, who had a golf cart lined up for us outside of the normal 9 – 5 hours.



We had decent pizza and pasta at Armandos on Hidalgo, the island’s wonderful pedestrian street, and great coffee and tasty fruit crepes at Cafe Hidalgo the next morning.


It was hard to sit at dinner and listen to Jorge talk about the amazing whale shark trips he has been leading all summer. Lots of manta rays this year. We hope to fit in another trip before they are gone. We felt a little better about not bringing snorkeling and UW photo gear when the skies opened up and dumped a couple of inches of rain after sunset. That tends to keep the whale sharks in deep water for a day or so.


What’s your favorite Isla spot?