I don’t think it is stretching it to call our visit to New Mexico and Colorado “Latin Journeys”. Colorado means red in Spanish, and New Mexico is probably the most Hispanic state in the U.S. Our three-week trip to the U.S. started off with a definitely un-latin journey – Missouri.

First though, a few words about what it was like to be in the U.S. after an 18-month absence. Not too strange, especially since we avoided television. However, it was hard getting used to putting toilet paper in the toilet.

We had a great time visiting friends and family and working on our next business venture. Our travels took us to Missouri, Colorado and New Mexico. The last two states were showing splendid fall colors.


The Missouri trip was to celebrate my father’s 85th birthday with my siblings, my nephew and nieces and assorted family friends we have accumulated through the years. The birthday dinner was greatly enhanced by our good friend, Patty G, who never misses the opportunity to buy cheap costumes and props and then weave a hilarious narrative around the props. She claims to have given the Chinese economy a bump.

Patty G thinks Dad was a Viking in one of his previous lives.

John, Anne, Dave and me. Hats courtesy of Patty G.

Our trip to Colorado could not have been more perfect with golden aspen leaves on the trees and on the ground, and wonderful autumn weather. We took long and short hikes through the Weminuche Wilderness in the southwestern part of the state. Jennifer’s parents have a new puppy, Levi, so that made everything more lively and fun.

Jennifer’s family has been visiting this valley, with the headwaters of the Rio Grande, since she was a young girl.

One of Jennifer’s favorite spots, the Fairy Rocks.

The moonrise and the Milky Way captured by the brilliant Canon 5D MkIII

While we were in Creede, we spent some quality time with two couples who celebrated their anniversaries by putting on their wedding clothes and doing portrait sessions with us.

The radiant Damian and Michelle on their 10th Anniversary.

Of course, Albuquerque was warmer than Colorado, and it was nice to not have frost on the ground every morning. But we got away to Santa Fe for one day to go hiking near the Santa Fe Ski Area with friends who I had not seen in eight years. Once again, the weather could not have been better.

We finished off our New Mexico visit with another photo session with a recently married couple, taking advantage of the amazing, famous New Mexico light.

Josh and Shell, a favorite New Mexico couple.

It’s good to be back on the island that we call home. We’ll have more stories for you in the weeks to come.